Roberta Sinatra

Assistant Professor
Center for Network Science and Math Department
Central European University
Budapest (Hungary)

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2018-12-10: Chaperone Effect in Scientific Publishing!


Can you publish in Nature if you haven't already published in Nature? Read the answer to this riddle in our new PNAS paper on the chaperone phenomenon in science!

2018-11-08: Quantifying reputation and success in art!

Art careers

New Science paper on how networks shape careers in art!

2018-11-01: Interdisciplinarity and the Nobel Prize!

Interdisciplinarity and Nobel Prize

New Nature Physics paper on recognition systems, interdisciplinarity and the Nobel Prize! Paper here, interactive visualization here.

2018-07-11: Hot streaks in artistic, cultural, and scientific careers!

Hot streaks

New Nature paper on evolution of impact in creative careers! Wonderful collaboration with Lu Liu, Yang Wang, C. Lee Giles, Chaoming Song and Dashun Wang. Check code, data and media here.

2018-03-15: Stephen Hawking - An interactive history of his career!

Stephen Hawking career

Stephen Hawking was one of the biggest icons of science. Explore our Science of Science tribute and interactive visualization! Created with Federico Battiston, Federico Musciotto and Michael Szell.

2018-03-01: New paper in Science!

SciSci review

Science of science - Together with a fantastic group of researchers from multiple institutions, we published a review paper on Science of Science (SciSci). Check it out here!

2017-02-02: New Perspective piece in Science!

Issue on Prediction

Can we predict discoveries? Together with Aaron Clauset and Dan Larremore, we published a perspective on data-driven prediction in Science. Check it out here!

2016-11-03: Nature story

Our new work on "Quantifying the evolution of individual scientific impact" is out! Watch the Nature story:

Read also the New York Times coverage!

2016-11-03: New paper in Science!

Career Paths

Our new paper Quantifying the evolution of individual scientific impact is published in Science! Explore the results on the Interactive Visualization Website.
Watch the Story on the Nature Youtube channel and read it on Nature News.

Also featured in: Science News, New York Times, Wired, Scientific American, The Scientist, The Chronicle of Higher Education, Forbes, Huffington Post, Big Think, Inside High Red, Flowing Data, The Australian, NY magazine, PhysOrg, ACS, Chemistry World, Northeastern News, CEU News, Kellog Insight, Science Alert, Science Top Stories, FastCoDesign, Scholarly Kitchen, University World News, Yahoo News, Herald Tribune, University Herald, ORF Science, Spiegel Online, Il Corriere della Sera, Il Fatto Quotidiano, Internazionale, Panorama, Adnkronos, Padova News, Science Blog, Interesting Engineering, La Vanguardia,, Semana,, El Digital de Asturias, AgenciaSinc, Improbable, 3 Quarks Daily, Librarius, Museum.

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About Me

Hi! I am a Research Assistant Professor (since January 2015) at Northeastern University (Boston, MA) in the Center of Complex Network Research (CCNR), the research group of Prof. László Barabási, where I work on the characterization of the large-scale structure of complex networks. I arrived at the CCNR in April 2012 as a JSMF Postdoctoral Research Fellow. Before moving to Boston, I was a PhD student in Physics at the University of Catania, where I was part of the Complex Systems Lab and of the ATP group. My research focused on the application of methods of statistical physics and information theory for the modelling and analysis of complex networks. Beyond a PhD in Physics (February 2012), I also received a Laurea Magistrale in Theoretical Physics (equivalent to a MSc) from the University of Catania, and a Diploma degree from Scuola Superiore di Catania. Also, I have been a student at the Complex Systems Summer School at the Santa Fe Institute, and a visiting research scholar at the BIFI, Queen Mary University, Imperial College, and at the Medical University of Vienna.


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