Roberta Sinatra

Assistant Professor
Center for Network Science and Math Department
Central European University
Budapest (Hungary)



  1. The Chaperone Effect in Scientific Publishing,
    V. Sekara, P. Deville, S.E. Ahnert, A.-L. Barabási, R. Sinatra* and S. Lehmann*.
    PNAS (2018).
    * These authors lead the research and contributed equally.
    Featured in Science careers.
  2. Quantifying reputation and success in art,
    S.P. Fraiberger, R. Sinatra, M. Resch, C. Riedl, A.-L. Barabási,
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  3. A Nobel Opportunity for Interdisciplinarity,
    M. Szell, Y. Ma and R. Sinatra,
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    Interactive Visualization.
  4. Hot streaks in artistic, cultural, and scientific careers,
    L. Liu, Y. Wang, R. Sinatra, C. Lee Giles, C. Song, D. Wang,
    Nature (2018), arXiv:1712.01804.
    Data, code and media
  5. Science of Science,
    Santo Fortunato, Carl T. Bergstrom, Katy Boerner, James A. Evans, Dirk Helbing, Stasa Milojevic, Alexander M. Petersen, Filippo Radicchi, Roberta Sinatra, Brian Uzzi, Alessandro Vespignani, Ludo Waltman, Dashun Wang, A.-L. Barabási,
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  1. Data-driven predictions in the science of science,
    A. Clauset, D. Larremore and R. Sinatra,
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  1. Quantifying the evolution of individual scientific impact,
    R. Sinatra, D. Wang, P. Deville, C. Song, and A.-L. Barabási,
    Science, 354 6312 (2016).
    Supplementary Materials, Supplementary Data.
    Explore the results on the Interactive Visualization Website
    Watch the Story on the Nature Youtube channel

    Also featured in: Science News, Nature News, New York Times, Wired, Scientific American, The Scientist, The Chronicle of Higher Education, Forbes, Huffington Post, Big Think, Inside High Red, Flowing Data, The Australian, NY magazine, PhysOrg, ACS, Chemistry World, Northeastern News, CEU News, Kellog Insight, Science Alert, Science Top Stories, FastCoDesign, Scholarly Kitchen, University World News, Yahoo News, Herald Tribune, University Herald, ORF Science, Spiegel Online, Il Corriere della Sera, Il Fatto Quotidiano, Internazionale, Panorama, Adnkronos, Padova News, Science Blog, Interesting Engineering, La Vanguardia,, Semana,, El Digital de Asturias, AgenciaSinc, Improbable, 3 Quarks Daily, Librarius, Museum.


  1. Research funding goes to rich clubs,
    M. Szell and R. Sinatra,
    PNAS, 112 48, 14749-14750 (2015).
    Commentary (not comment!) on Anatomy of funded research in science, PNAS, October (2015).
  2. A century of Physics,
    R. Sinatra, P. Deville, M. Szell, D. Wang, and A.-L. Barabási,
    Nature Physics, 11 791 (2015), Also on Nat Physics Cover.
  3. Social Diffusion and Global Drift on Networks,
    H. Sayama and R. Sinatra,
    Physical Review E, 91 032809 (2015), arXiv:1410.3506.


  1. Evolutionary dynamics of time-resolved social interactions,
    A. Cardillo, G. Petri, V. Nicosia, R. Sinatra, J. Gomez-Gardenes, and V. Latora,
    Physical Review E 90, 052825 (2014), arXiv:1302.0558.
  2. An analysis of visitors' sequential movement in the Louvre Museum: A study using Bluetooth data,
    Y. Yoshimura, S. Sobolevsky, R. Sinatra, F. Girardin, J. P. Carrascal, J. Blat, and C. Ratti,
    Environment and Planning B: Planning and Design 41, 1113-1131 (2014).
    Dynamic visualization and infographics: Art Traffic at Louvre
  3. Career on the Move: Geography, Stratification, and Scientific Impact,
    P. Deville, D. Wang, R. Sinatra, C. Song, V. Blondel, and A.-L. Barabási,
    Scientific Reports 4:4770 (2014), Nature open access.
    Featured in the Economist and in the iNSolution research blog!
  4. Entropy and the Predictability of Online Life,
    R. Sinatra and M. Szell,
    Entropy 16(1), 543-556 (2014), arXiv:1312.0169.


  1. Motion-induced synchronization in metapopulations of mobile agents,
    J. Gomez-Gardenes, V. Nicosia, R. Sinatra, and V. Latora,
    Physical Review E 87, 032814 (2013), arXiv:1211.4616.


  1. Understanding mobility in a social petri dish,
    M. Szell, R. Sinatra, G. Petri, S. Thurner, and V. Latora.
    Scientific Reports, 2: 457 (2012), Nature open access, arXiv:1112.1220.
    Featured in the Santa Fe Institute newsletter!
  2. Emergence of good conduct, scaling and Zipf laws in human behavioral sequences in an online world,
    S. Thurner, M. Szell, and R. Sinatra.
    PLoS one 7(1): e29796 (2012), arXiv:1107.0392.
    Featured in Technology Review, Physorg, Die Presse, Krone, and on the Santa Fe Institute website.


  1. Flow graphs: interweaving dynamics on structure,
    R. Lambiotte, R. Sinatra, M. Barahona, J.-C. Delvenne, T.S. Evans, and V. Latora.
    Physical Review E 84, 017102 (2011), arXiv:1012.1211.
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  1. Ecological Clustering Reveals Topological Structures of Complex Networks,
    R. Sinatra.
    HPC-Europa2 Final Report 2010, to appear.
  2. Defecting or Not Defecting: How to "Read" Human Behavior during Cooperative Games by EEG Measurements,
    F. De Vico Fallani, V. Nicosia, R. Sinatra, L. Astolfi, F. Cincotti, D. Mattia, C. Wilke, A. Doud, V. Latora, B. He and F. Babiloni.
    PloS One 5, 12:e14187 (2010).
  3. Networks of motifs from sequences of symbols,
    R. Sinatra, D. Condorelli, V. Latora.
    Physical Review Letters, 105, 178702 (2010),
    Supplementary material is available for this paper.
    Featured in Physorg, Tendencia21 and Physicscentral!
  4. Evolutionary dynamics of fitness driven walkers on a graph,
    R. Sinatra, C. Gokhale, E. Fille Legara,
    Proceeding paper for the Complex Systems Summer School 2010, Santa Fe Institue (USA).


  1. The Ultimatum Game in Complex Networks,
    R. Sinatra, J. Iranzo, J. Gomez-Gardenes, M. Floria, V. Latora, Y. Moreno, Journal of Statistical Mechanics - Theory and Experiments, P09012 (2009), arXiv:0807.0750v3.
  2. Cluster structure of functional networks estimated from high-resolution EEG data,
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  3. Structural and dynamical properties of cellular and regulatory networks,
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  1. Community structure of cortical networks in spinal cord injured patients,
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